We Got Goats!

We Got Goats!

Dear Fierce Ones,

For a couple of years, I have been wanting to get some goats. I really love goats. They are just...FUN. They make me laugh. They remind me of my childhood.

I was 9 years old when we first got goats. One day we drove to Rocky Mountain House. (a small town in Alberta, Canada) We picked up some goats and brought them back home in our little blue Volkswagen Beetle! Can you believe that? A couple of kids and several goats all crammed in a tiny VW bug. (I loved that old car BTW)

It was the early 80's  and we were in a global financial recession. My parents were "living the dream". I have come to realize that the phrase "living the dream" actually means working really hard to make your dreams come true rather than this idyllic notion of relaxing on the beach. In our case..."living the dream" meant that we didn't buy anything on credit and we lived off the land as much as possible. Part of that dream for my parents included goats.

Every morning before school... I milked those goats. Every day after school...I milked those goats. We drank the milk and put it in our cereal and my Mom made delicious goat cheese that we gobbled up before it even had time to properly set. YUM.

Now, I too am "living the dream" and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Last week...I got goats! Three male Nigerian Dwarf goats and they are FUN. We are just getting to know each other, but so far...so good.

Because I love themes...we named our goats after herbs. 

BilBerry (Bil)

He is a sweet guy. The oldest of the three. He is cautious and calm and very stinky. We love him anyway.


Dill-Weed (Dill)

He is the most daring and rambunctious. He is the first to come running for food. He is the most energetic of the three.



Clover is the smallest. He is a darling little guy! He likes to play with Bil and Dill. They butt heads and leap off the top of their pallet tower showing us their best goat kicks and tricks! We laugh and smile.


They also "Earn Their Keep" by keeping the blackberry bushes at bay. Mostly though, We are just enjoying their antics. 

It is the simple things that bring the most joy. 

Welcome home Bil, Dill and Clover. 

We love you.











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