Thrifted Summer Lookbook

Thrifted Summer Lookbook


When I was a kid, my mom almost always made me shop secondhand. I used to hate it, I always wanted to go to the stores my friends shopped at. That was,  until I figured out that when we went to those stores I came home with one outfit, but when we thrifted I came home with TONS of outfits! 

Since that discovery, thrifting has become more to me than just saving money and getting more bang for my buck. I actually prefer the process of it to traditional shopping as well. I find such unique items, and it's honestly like hunting for treasure! My entire closet is nearly completely thrifted, and most of the items were $1 each. 

I get a lot of compliments on my clothing (and furniture/decor) and I've had quite a few friends ask me where I thrift and the answer is: St. Vincent de Paul! They have $1 Sundays where all of their clothing and shoes are $1 apiece. I literally ONLY shop on dollar Sunday. Somehow, no matter how many times I go there, I always find incredible pieces that showcase who I am, and for a price that cannot be beat.

Since I've moved home from school, I've visited St. Vinny's twice and have formed my entire summer wardrobe! Each time I came back with multiple bags full of amazing stuff, and in all I spent less than $40!

I created a Summer Lookbook based around a ton of the thrifted pieces I found recently to hopefully give you some inspiration to get thrifty this summer!

Cute, on trend, instagram-worthy outfits don't have to cost hundreds.

Post your thrifted outfits, decor, and other treasures on instagram and facebook!

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1. At the Flower Shop 

I love how simple and chic this little outfit is! I LOVE the fit of these Mom jeans! These mules are featured in nearly every look and they are so dang comfortable, god bless worn-in shoes. The eyelet crop top is originally from American Eagle. ($5 for the whole outfit, including the purse.)

2. Vintage Baby

I freakin' LOVE this jacket!! I flipped out when I found it and everyone shopping with me didn't like it but I bought it anyway and am still obsessed! Major vintage mom vibes and I'm here for it. 

PS. These sunglasses are actually "sun-readers" from the dollar store and I can't see shit when I wear them but they look cool in pics!

P.S.S. This whole outfit, from sunglasses to shoes was $6!!!

3. Boho Dream

My style can go from vintage to baddie to bohemian flower girl real quick. I am so obsessed with this skirt! The pattern, lace, and beaded detailing are so beautiful, such a steal getting this for $1! The tags were still on!

4. Blue Moon

Sometimes I wanna feel like I just walked out of the set of Clueless, and this plaid skirt DELIVERS. (Outfit minus the jacket cost $3)

5. Tone on Tone

I like the simplicity of the tone on tone in this look, it's very summery! And the fit of these pants is so fun!

Shirt is from brandy melville (borrowed from my sister) but everything else was $1!

6. Red, White and Blue

These straight leg jeans have me feeling like a 70s American dream! (Another $4 outfit)

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