The Easy Natural Lice Treatment Recipe that Works!

The Easy Natural Lice Treatment Recipe that Works!

Dear fierce ones,

Has anyone ever said to you? “Ew, do you have bugs in your hair?”

Have you ever heard the words? ”Mom, my head is super itchy.”

Have you ever gotten a letter from the school informing you that there is an outbreak of lice at your kids’ school?


Worst of all…

have you ever seen a giant bug scamper across the edge of your forehead and then disappear into your scalp under your hair?

For me the answers to the above questions are No. Yes. Yes. Yes.


The first time my girls got lice was a total nightmare. They both had it. BAD. (due to repeated exposures, I am now a bonafide lice expert) However, the first time they contracted lice…I knew nothing. I relied on the internet to tell me what to do.  

My girls both have thick, long hair. Both of their heads were fully infested with lice. As I examined each head I saw hundreds of nits firmly attached to the hairshaft.


I will never forget the hours and hours I spent with each girls head in my lap as I painstakingly sectioned off small sections of hair and combed it through with the specialty nit comb.


In addition to the nit combing, I treated their heads with lice shampoo, AND…I washed all the bedding and linens from all the beds.

It was SO MUCH WORK. I was exhausted and stressed out from the whole experience.

 2 weeks later…

The lice were back.



I wanted to cry.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to eliminate lice from the planet.


I did more research.

I discovered that lice have a lifecycle of 33-35 days. Day zero is when the nit is laid. (the nit is the lice egg) After 6-7 days the little louse is hatched, and at 17-19 days, the louse reaches sexual maturity and 2 days after mating, the female louse begins her egg laying extravaganza. She lays 4-8 eggs for the next 16 days and then dies.

Why is this important to know?

It is important to realize the lifecycle length in order to get rid of the lice for good! 

Lice is NEVER a one-time treatment.

How to get rid of them in a completely natural and stress-free way?

Here is the recipe and protocol.

Lice treatment shampoo:

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup shampoo

½ tsp tea-tree oil

½ tsp eucalyptus oil

Mix together well. It makes enough for a few treatments and can be kept in a closed container (a mason jar works great)

Apply to wet head and cover your head with a plastic bag or shower cap and leave the application on for 1 hour. This treatment shampoo will make your head tingle.

Rinse out after an hour and then wash hair as usual.

There will evidence of your success as many dead lice will fall out of your hair after this treatment.

You do not need to nit pick.

You do not need to do any special washing of your linens or pillows.

You MUST repeat the treatment once a week for 3 weeks.

It makes the whole house smell like spa.


No lice.

No toxins.

No stress.

You MUST do 3 treatments 7 days apart. This lice ridding recipe actually reminds me of a spa scalp treatment. It smells amazing and it kills all the live lice. It does not kill the nits. It does not remove the nits. It will kill all the live lice and by repeating the process once a week, it ensures that no lice are reaching sexual maturity. By the time 21 days has passed all the existing nits will have hatched and the lice killed prior to sexual maturity. By following the once a week protocol you will be able to rid yourself of lice without any harsh chemicals or hours and hours of time and torture nit-picking. It really works!

I am very concerned about the products I use. Whenever possible, I choose natural, organic products or I make my own. Making your own natural products is easier than you think and saves you the stress of worrying about what is absorbing into one’s body through the skin. I will be posting my deodorant recipe soon as well as my recipe for getting rid of body and foot odor. One of my co-workers LOVES me so much for helping her get rid of her embarrassing foot odor.

Thank-you for reading and I hope you found this recipe helpful!

Happy Lice Ridding!



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