DIY Fruit Box

DIY Fruit Box

At Herb & Flower Farm,
we’re ALL about our fruits and veggies.
So much so that we needed to
come up with ways to store all
of them! If you’re in a similar
situation, make yourself a

It’s simple to make, affordable, and super cute.


We used an old wine box and upcycled it to create the perfect storage container for our produce!

You can get wooden wine boxes for free from Costco. Click the image below to find out how!

wooden box
danish oil
paint brush
mesh wire roll (optional)
staple gun


The first step is so simple! We are going to use the danish oil to stain the wood darker. Use gloves!

Rub it into the wood with a rag. We used a paintbrush at the end to get the hard-to-reach spots.

You don’t have to be perfect with this, it will get messy!


Here is the stained version of the box! You can leave yours open like this, or, you can staple on a wire grid to hold the fruits and veggies in, like we did! (See below)


To do so, use a sheet of mesh wire roll and line it up to the dimensions of your box. Use needle nose pliers to cut along how big you want your wire piece to be. Ours ended up being about 10cm tall and 39cm long, but you don’t need to follow that guideline.


Here is the final product! We absolutely love it!

We hope you enjoyed this simple little DIY! If you try it out, post about it and tag our Instagram @herbandflowerfarm!

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