Why I Dropped my Classes, Changed Majors, and Bought a Trailer

Why I Dropped my Classes, Changed Majors, and Bought a Trailer

Up until about a month ago, I was attending Western Washington University pursuing a BS in Psychology. I have always loved the subject, so I figured it was the best path for me to take. I took AP Psychology during my junior year of high school, and I was hooked. From then on, I took as many other psychology classes as I could during running start, and soon I was Pre-majoring in Psychology at Western. I thought I was on the "right" path. Until one day I had an epiphany.


I am not a psychologist. I don't see myself as a psychologist, a therapist, or a counselor. I had always known that. For years, when people asked what I wanted to do with my life I would often tell them, "Well, I want to be a photographer. But, I'm majoring in Psychology as a backup.". 

In one night, I suddenly realized I needed to switch out of my psychology major and pursue a degree in Design. 

If you know me well, you know that once I've decided something, that's it. I am going for it full force and not much can stop me. When I know what my gut is telling me, I act on it. I believe in the power of my own intuition and when I do trust my gut, everything usually falls into place. When I came to this realization it honestly felt like something clicked.

Instead of giving myself a backup degree I decided to back myself and my dream by pursuing a degree in something that I have always been passionate about, that will also give me the tools I need to do my own branding and website design for my future photography business (as well as Herb & Flower). I have already earned a minor in Psychology, which I am very grateful for because it has given me new eyes on human behavior, interaction, and my own self, but I will not be continuing to major in it. I am also currently earning a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovations, which has been incredible so far and I cannot wait to continue learning new skills for business development, as well as getting the opportunity to grow Herb & Flower within the program!

All this is to say, when I realized I needed to switch majors, it became apparent to me that 2/3 of the classes I was currently enrolled in were not going to serve me anything more than extra elective credits that I did not need. A few more frantic google searches later, I found out there was only one day left until I could no longer drop my classes without receiving three "W's" (standing for Withdrawals) on my transcript. After talking it over with friends and family, I knew I needed to drop out of all my current classes and readmit to Western in the Fall so I could use my credits towards a Design Major instead.

After spending about 5 hours trekking through the Old Main building at Western, I had finally gone through all the steps to withdraw from everything! Unexpectedly, on April 13th my summer break began. The next step was to move back home so I could not only stop paying my ridiculous rent, but also start focusing on growing our business. And, finally start working on my next huge project, The Flower Prowler! 

Some backstory: When my parents were in their 20s, they bought an old school bus, ripped out all the seats, put in their furniture and belongings, and they road-tripped from Prince George, BC, Canada to Mexico, eventually ending up in Belize. Their story had always inspired me, and I always wanted to do what they did. As I got older, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to have a school bus or something like an RV, but I still knew I wanted a mobile home to renovate, live, and travel in.

This had just been a dream of mine until this past January I saw an article on apartmenttherapy.com of a woman who had renovated a trailer and it looked so cute, I was instantly inspired! I started scavenging Pinterest for similar renovations. I got so inspired that I began looking through the Bellingham Craigslist for available trailers and RVs. That's when I found her! The 1979 Fleetwood Prowler that my mom bought* for me to renovate this summer! (*I will be paying her back!). 


The inspiration for the name came when my mom and I noticed our favorite floral rug (that we saw on display last summer at St. Vincent de Paul and just HAD to have!) matched the exterior color scheme of the Prowler perfectly. I am going to be using this rug as the main design inspiration as well as for some DIY projects to make throw pillows and seat covers (blog posts to come)! We plan to emulate a 70's vibe and honor the Prowlers original color scheme! I'm so excited!


I have such beautiful dreams for what this Prowler is going to be, and I cannot wait to see them become reality and share the process along with you! The Flower Prowler will be my new home while I continue working on my photography business, my Design degree at Western, and the beginning of Herb & Flower!

I am so thankful for how supportive my friends and family, especially my Mom, have been during this entire transition.

Here's to change, and making dreams happen!!!


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