My Journey to Going Gray.

My Journey to Going Gray.

Dear Fierce Ones,

I wanted to give you an update on my first blog post...The Beauty of Imperfection. This is what really inspired this whole blog in the first place. It was me sort-of  "coming into my own." From the moment I decided I was going to be a sexy silver-haired woman rather than "go gray" I felt empowered to become beautiful and sexy for myself and not for others and what they think is beautiful. Also interwoven with this is my belief in the idea that soul-beauty and health are first and foremost the most important components of being beautiful and sexy.



Finding My Fierce.

A HUGE part of finding my fierce was dealing with my own Self-Image, Societal and Cultural Norms, Expectations and Beliefs about women in general. 

My daughter Megan has been a huge part of my inspiration. We would have many discussions over cultural and societal norms for women and what we thought about that. We became passionate and enraged by turn. We ranted and raved and we REBELLED!

We decide for ourselves that we loved ourselves and our silver hairs and we think...

Gray is Gorgeous!

Megan discovered her first few gray hairs at 15 years is her recollection of that event...

"One day I was looking in the mirror and I noticed all of these "sparkly hairs". I honestly had no idea they were gray hairs at first! I laugh about it now, but I remember wondering if some sparkly confetti string had somehow attached itself to my head! It didn't seem possible to me that I could have gray hair at such a young age. I didn't begin to feel self conscious about them until a few people pointed them out and said "Um...Megan, why do you have gray hairs?". I began dying my hair to a darker black when I was 15 or 16, and continued doing that for a couple years. In September 2016, when I was 18, I dyed my hair for the very last time. The grays just kept coming back and I realized that I actually really like them! They're like sparkly highlights, and I get tons of compliments on them!"

I personally discovered my first gray hairs at 20 years old. I was shocked! I immediately assumed something was wrong with me but after some research, I discovered that it was more of a genetic disposition. 

I dyed my hair because of wanting to please others and what others would think and what others would find attractive and the whole time I was betraying myself and my beliefs. I finally just HAD to be true to myself and my beliefs and go for it! I thought...


Gray is Gorgeous!




IT IS BEAUTIFUL, and putting all these chemicals ON my head and other beauty ideals IN my head... DOESN'T MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.



I stopped dying my hair for so many reasons.


1. I honestly loved the shimmer, sparkle and shine of the silver threads. They excited me and I thought they were gorgeous.

2. I really hated dyeing my hair. It felt like TORTURE for me. Honestly. I hated EVERY SINGLE SECOND. It hurt. It burned. It stung.

3. It took up so much of my time!



EVER SINCE I have stopped dyeing my hair...

I have received more lovely compliments from MEN about my hair than I have ever received in my life before this time...

Men are so sweet and trepidatious about it all at the same time.

The brave ones say what they are thinking...

" I know guys aren't supposed to say anything about a woman's hair and all...but um...I really like"

"Um...I just uh...want to uh..say..I like the hair...I are really rockin' it"

"Your hair is so cool."

"I love your hair."

"You look like Rouge" (I had no idea who Rogue was and had to google it)

On and on...

For me...


Previously...the health of my hair suffered so much from frequent dyeing. It fell out all the time and was growing thinner and thinner.

Now...My hair is thicker, shinier, healthier and more beautiful since I stopped dyeing it. I recieve more compliments than ever before and I have more time and money.




Be true to yourself!

Love yourself.

Follow your dreams.



Empower yourself

Find your fierce

Take the journey



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