How to Declutter

How to Declutter

Dear fierce ones,

I have recently completed the book the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo.

I LOVE this book.

I have always been clean and tidy when it comes to my home.

I NEED order.

I have tried many methods.

I can never resist those organizing magazines or articles…I am sucked in like a moth to the flame. I can’t help it…I long for calm and order.

Countertops free of clutter.

Neat and tidy shelves.

A place for everything and everything in its’ place…

These are things that make me drool with desire.

I have been striving towards this “perfection” ALL MY LIFE.

It is something I have longed for, dreamed about, and wished for.

Over a year ago, my sister told me about the book “the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. She recommended I read it…she said “It is just so "YOU" Stacie…" 

I finally read it.

I knew I needed to take the time and make it a priority because combining two families and two households is quite an overwhelming task.  Too much for everyone. I needed to SIMPLFY.  

Going through this process has truly been a voyage of discovery into myself. So interesting. So fun. So invigorating and energizing.

I feel very close to the author. She is now a kindred spirit and friend to me (at least in my mind).I know that sounds weird and bizarre but going through this sorting process using her method is so phenomenal.

At first, it was overwhelming.

HOWEVER…Like most things in life, when you break it down into small steps and focus on the task at hand, the process becomes very manageable. And exciting!

The exciting part is two-fold.

Self-discovery! This process reveals an authentic you! Your style and passions are reflected by what sparks joy in your life. I found it fascinating to discover more about myself in such a unique and therapeutic way.

Everything about you and your “essence” comes into focus. 

It is SUPER cool.

You get an actual visual representation of “who you are” reflected in the items you surround yourself with.

Your clothes.

Your books.

Your “stuff”.

What you love.

It is a very revealing, accurate and somewhat surprising picture of yourself. Very similar to getting your ancestry DNA results. (at least for me)

Everything shifts into focus.

If you come over to my house and look around…you will get a very good idea of who I am as a person. Through this process…it becomes clear what your style REALLY is, and what is most important to you. It has simplified my life and increased happiness because everything I have is something I truly love and I either feel good wearing it, reading it, looking at it or using it. Having much less makes me appreciate what I do have ...more! Less really is MORE.

Before I talk about "my style" I want people to know that I am first and foremost a thrift-store shopper. I purchase most things second-hand with a few exceptions here and there. Vintage finds and incredible savings makes me a happy woman. It resonates with my belief systems. I enjoy recycling, reclaiming, and re-using about as much as I can. I am a very creative person and I love unique finds. 

My style…

Cozy. Comfortable. I am someone who really likes cozy soft warm sweaters in winter. In summer…loose flowy clothing. Silky-soft blouses. Long maxi-dresses. Leggings, activewear, and leg-warmers (I grew up in the 80's). And…I love hats! All kinds of hats. There is just something so FUN about wearing hats. (I highly recommend it) I am a "crazy hat lady".

My book collection reveals a lot about me too. Reading was my first love and remains one of my favorite past-times. Cookbooks containing vibrant, beautiful pictures of food are such a pleasure to read. I own many books on nutrition, health, and herbs.

One of my strongest passions is healthy eating and the science of nutrition. As a family, we enjoy cooking together and make this a priority in our home. We believe that kids need to learn cooking and basic household skills. Our eating has shifted to a primarily vegetarian diet and we have experienced a variety of health benefits as a result (weight loss, no more aches, and pains, improvement in energy levels etc.). The rest of my book collection consists of self-help books, hiking books, gardening books, DIY books, and various Biblical books. I have to laugh because those are all things I value and love.

Ok…confession time.

By the time I got this far into the process…I began to realize a few things.

1. I have far too much.

2. I NEVER want to have that much stuff again.

3. This process takes a lot of time, so commit to the process and enjoy it. She breaks it down into a sequential method that really works. Trust it. I would have liked to take 2 weeks off from work, but I wasn’t able to do it that way so it was a much longer process (which I think isn’t ideal), but I still accomplished the task. Towards the end…I was appalled by the vast collection of items I did NOT need. Before going through this I had even fancied myself as somewhat of a minimalist.

Um…YEAH RIGHT! I honestly feel embarrassed and at the same time, getting rid of so much extra stuff has felt like a huge relief.

It extends even deeper.

As I sorted through all of my clothing and household belongings…I sorted out myself.

My past.

My present.

My future.

My priorities came into focus.

I am continuing the journey this process has begun.

There is much more (actually less) to come!

She named the book correctly.

It really is life-changing magic.



Empower yourself.

Find your fierce.

Take the journey.






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