Soul Beauty

Soul Beauty

Dear fierce ones,

I love women.

I am passionate about women.

I want to support and encourage and empower women to realize just how special and strong and beautiful they are.

I’ve been thinking a lot about present cultural norms. My daughter attends college and we have had many discussions on feminism. Recently, the #metoo movement and the Woman’s march has only heightened my awareness.

I’m embarrassed to say that I recently told someone to “grow some balls”. I deeply regret that statement. Mostly because it was rude and sexist of me, but also…

I started thinking about the connotation and bigger picture. What exactly is that statement supposed to mean?

Think about it.

I apologize.

Betty White said “Why do people say grow some balls? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina, those things can really take a pounding”

Funny, and true!

Women have incredible inner strength.

I find the combination of beauty, strength, and nurturing nature very alluring.

It really bothers me to watch the streams of women searching for love and acceptance from external sources. These external sources of affirmation provide just the opposite.

I remember seeing a cartoon when I was young. It had to do with reality versus self-perception. Man’s self-esteem versus woman’s self-esteem.

A rather unattractive man was looking into the mirror and basically saw himself as “Arnold Swartzenegger”. In stark contrast, a very attractive woman looked into the mirror and saw herself as too fat, too old, and too ugly.

I think every woman can relate to this current culture reality. Our self-esteem and our worth are tied to external and ever-changing beauty ideals that are thrust upon us. This spells doom to our self-esteem.

Refuse to play along.

You are enough.

Is a Sunflower more beautiful than a Rose?

Is a Rose more beautiful than an Orchid?

Is an Orchid more beautiful than a Lily?

Our culture imposes a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction with our bodies, our faces, our clothes, our homes, and our families. This overshadows and clouds our happiness.

We doubt ourselves when we must believe in ourselves.

We criticize ourselves when we must accept ourselves.

We are harsh on ourselves when we must be gentle, kind and encouraging to ourselves.

When I was a child, my Mom wrote a song about how special women are. These words have been words of truth and life.  They make me feel connected to woman everywhere and they make me proud to be a woman.

Women are Special by Sherrie Cazes...November 1983

There is something very special in being a woman.

Did you know?

There’s something very special about you.

Maybe it’s just the way

The tears fall from your eyes,

When someone shares with you,

They’re feeling sad inside.

Or maybe it’s just the way,

You blush and smile sweet,

When someone close to you

Bends to kiss your cheek.

Maybe it’s just the way you hold a baby tight,

Sing softly in his ear,

And rock him through the night.

Maybe it’s in the pretty clothes you wear,

The color of your lips,

The flowers in your hair.

Maybe it’s just the way,

You reach with your hand,

And touch someone there,

To show you understand.

Maybe it’s cause it was written long ago,

His love we’re here to show

The Bible tells us so

There is something very special in being a woman.

Did you know?

There’s something very special about you.


Women are special.

Thank-you Momma. I love you.

You have taught me the most important things in my life. 

Love yourself!

Find your fierce.

Empower yourself.

Take the journey.






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