I Can't Say This Enough...Love Yourself.

I Can't Say This Enough...Love Yourself.

Dear Fierce ones,

I am officially… MIDDLE-AGED.

My husband and I both have 45 years to our credit.

My guess is that the majority of you reading this are also middle-aged.

(I say OFFICIALLY middle-aged because strange things have been happening to me lately).

Such as,

I say things out loud and hear…

MY MOTHER. (The same exact phrases are spoken in the same exact way).


I would never have thought I would get so jazzed about reading a farmer’s almanac, squealing to my husband about a great article, idea, or advertisement about organic gardening.Occasionally, we peer at each other over the tops of our respective reading glasses .....


we both need reading glasses now. (I think it is SEXY)


I am calling my mother FREQUENTLY to talk.

I feel sorta surprised at how fast time is going by.

I can say with complete honesty…

I LOVE this time in my life.

It is difficult to articulate, but the best way is to say that I have finally learned to love myself.

These days are filled with appreciation for the wisdom I have gained and the person I have become. I have faced some of my deepest fears and come through some excruciatingly painful experiences and I have learned to love myself. I have been tested and I have held together and grown stronger even in moments when I have fallen apart...and I have learned to love myself.

I know pain and I know grief.

I know compassion, mercy, and grace.

I know love and the healing power of forgiveness.

I know what it means to be fierce.

I am doing what I can with what I have.

I am using my gifts.

I am stepping up to the plate.

I am letting go of the old and embracing the new…

I am remembering.

I am writing.

I am doing what I love.

I am embracing the challenges I face with courage and love.

I am learning and growing


I love myself.


I feel like I would have let out a snort if I just read all that!

At first, I admit that saying “I love myself” sounds like such bullshit.

It sounds so SHALLOW...

Love yourself?!!

So…I started thinking...what does it actually mean to love yourself? Because my first thought was…



I have discovered that when you know what it REALLY means, you will only want to love yourself more.

It is a paradox.

It doesn't make sense at first glance.


It will never make sense.

Until it does. 

It is as complex as it is simple.

Love yourself.

My Mom wrote a song about loving yourself for Joyce Belina (her friend) in 1975…


I.   Start loving yourself, and you won’t believe…

The person you’ll find, by the changes you’ll make.

Start loving yourself and you won’t be blind,

By the things that you hid deep down inside.


Love is the key, it’ll open every door,

Heal every soldier, in this Christian war

Love is a fortune. It’ll buy you happiness,

It’s the only kind of freedom that God will express

II.  Start loving yourself, and freedom you’ll have,

And you’ll know that it’s true, that God loves you too

Start loving yourself, and soon you will find,

You’ll be your best friend, by His love so divine.   


I love the words of this song.

I believe they are true.

You have got to…


Fight your fears and insecurities about yourself…with love.

You have got to love and trust yourself.

You have got to know you are worth dying for.

If you don’t agree…then you definitely need to start loving yourself.

I am completely addicted to self-help books and I am always reading a new one. (I highly recommend anything written by Brene’ Brown or Napoleon Hill)

Recently, I read something that struck me as rather profound.

A positive and a negative thought cannot co-exist in the same mind at the same time.

You can only think one thought at a time.

Think about that for a second…


You are what you think…

Think positive.

A positive mind is a happy mind.

Positive thinking results in a very attractive person no matter what your age or outward appearance.

You are worthy of love.

Love yourself.

You are worthy of respect.

Respect yourself.

You are worthy of acceptance.

Accept yourself.

Empower yourself

Take the journey

Find your fierce








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