Just Enjoy!

Just Enjoy!



Being a parent is the hardest job in the world.

Nothing worth anything is easy.

My parents ROCKED IT.

Growing up, we (my siblings and I) were literally forced to enjoy everything. It didn't matter what the circumstance was, my parents' consistent response to every challenging circumstance in life was..."Just Enjoy" The message was consistent and it pissed me off! Didn't they care about me?

Some circumstances were awful and worth complaining about but it did not matter. We were simply NOT ALLOWED to be miserable. We HAD to have a positive attitude, my parents were a united front regarding this.

As a parent now, I am struck the absolute genius of my parents. I have to laugh and shake my head in admiration and respect. This is brilliant parenting. My parents actually scientifically trained us to be happy and successful. 

Scientists have been able to prove that negative responses (complaining) lead to misery and unhappiness. Positive responses (just enjoy) lead to happiness and success. By initially responding by complaining to situations we form neural pathways in our brain that lead straight to misery. By responding instead with gratitude and disciplining ourselves to “just enjoy” we train our brains to be happy and successful.

WOW. Think "muscle memory" for your brain and it gets exciting!

Once positive neural pathways are formed in the brain…it literally becomes a “no-brainer” because the brain loves to function on auto-pilot. As a result, I don’t have to think about my positive responses because they happen automatically. They were ingrained into me. They are my habit. It is what really stands out to me from my childhood. That simple phrase "just enjoy".

When my circumstances sucked...I wanted RESCUE ... not to be told "JUST ENJOY"!


My parents are very wise...they taught me a very valuable lesson instead of rescuing me.

Nothing worth anything is easy. Just enjoy. These messages are missing today. These messages are important. They teach us coping skills and impart the skills necessary to take ownership of our lives. They make a positive impact on the world that is ongoing. 

Recently, my sister and kids stayed with me for a week and I was ASTOUNDED at how awesome it was because these children were an absolute delight to have around. They were helpful, kind, and fun! I wished they could have stayed longer. They are 9, 7 and 4 years of age...this is mind blowing.

This is the result of positive parenting.  

Mom and Dad…I admire, respect and appreciate you more than ever…I love you both with all my heart…You done REAL good :)

Learn to JUST ENJOY. It's really hard sometimes! I experience daily complaining opportunities. It's no different than when I was a kid. It takes self-discipline to just enjoy and be thankful and positive when your world is a mess. However, it is very empowering when you realize that you can't control all the circumstances, but you can control your reaction or response. That is something you have power over. You have power over how you think and respond to what is happening. Train your brain. The more you practice, the easier it is. More and more I realize how vital to well-being having a positive attitude is. 

Own your happiness.

Be creative and spend the time focusing on finding the solutions rather than the problem. Think outside the box. Pray. Meditate. Find your fierce! Find your worth. Don't settle. Be positive.

Empower yourself

Take the journey

Just enjoy


(This is my beautiful sister and her children. Kai, Koen and Karis.)

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