Make Your Own Sushi!

Make Your Own Sushi!

This sushi recipe is super easy, incredibly delicious, and buying the ingredients to make it is so much cheaper than going out for sushi (especially if you have a big family like we do!).

you will need:

Seaweed wraps
Fresh Avacado
Imitation crab
Julienned carrots
Julienned cucumber
Sticky white rice
Pickled ginger
cream cheese
Smelt eggs (Roe)
Eel sauce
A Sushi Mat

lay the seaweed wrap down

cover the seaweed wrap with a layer of rice, use your hands!

slice the avocado and place the slices down the middle of the wrap

add the crab on top

mix a 1:1 ratio of Mayo to Roe

sprinkle the sushi wrap center with imitation crab, carrots, and cucumbers

drizzle with eel sauce

spread 1 tablespoon of cream cheese on top (it sorta glops on, it doesn't have to be perfect)

roll it up! use the mat and SQUEEZE it tight :) and then slice it up! (must use a sharp knife)

drizzle with eel sauce. prepare a little wasabi and pickled ginger as a side.

choose your presentation!

(I added a Nasturtium flower from my garden to make it Oh-La-La!)

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