Making Recycled Fashion Fun & Worth the Time

Making Recycled Fashion Fun & Worth the Time

The clothing industry today contributes a lot to environmental issues across the globe. From pollution spread to the energy used producing the actual product. I won't get into it, you can do your own research, although I do encourage second-hand clothing shopping as much as possible. 

There is nothing I love more than a good trip to Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. However, I know sometimes it can be frustrating when you go with an expectation of finding vintage and original pieces, only to walk out the door with nothing in hand.

So, I figured I'd share how to have fun with it and make it worth your time, because it is a little trickier to find those perfect pieces in a thrift store- along with some tips to stay encouraged.

Take your time

Walking into any thrift or antique store, you're going to be surrounded by a lot of random product. You need to have the time, energy, and motivation to pick through and find things that you love and can work with.

Consignment shopping is a little different, because they tend to stay cleaner and more organized. Even then, since it still can be pretty random product, it's important to take your time and to not stress yourself out trying to find something.

Don't get discouraged after an "off" shopping trip

Majority of the time when it comes to thrifting, it's going to be hit or miss. Yeah, it sucks when you spend a lot of time somewhere hoping to find something and you don't succeed. However, when you have a hit day, it is a damn good day. Just make sure you go in there with the purpose of having fun and hoping you have a successful day, and if you don't, that's just another reason to dedicate another fun day to thrifting!

Experiment with vintage & fun pieces

Forget about the rules of fashion. If you see something that catches your eye, grab it and try that on. There's so much variety and a lot of unique things you can snag, so don't worry about what anyone is going to think about your choices. Have fun with it.

Get creative

If you find something that has potential if you tweak it a little (or a lot) then go for it, if it's in your budget. That just makes for a super fun DIY clothing project, which will make it more original and you than it already was when you bought it.

Go thrifting with your friends

Personally, I love thrift shopping when I'm with other people. It's an inexpensive activity and makes the experience more fun for everyone. Since it's a semi-tedious task, generally if my friends find something they think I'll like, they'll give it to me to try, and I'll do the same for them. That always makes the picking and choosing aspect a little bit easier.

Go on the hunt for new stores

There are a lot more hidden gems than you would think, so go on the hunt for them. The smaller the store, the better.

I'm not saying you should always thrift, because creating that habit is a little difficult. I still find myself shopping at large clothing stores. However, it never hurts to try shifting that part of your lifestyle a little bit.

I've found some of my favorite go-to pieces from thrift stores, and I like knowing that it's less likely to see someone wearing the exact same thing as me.

Along with being able to make your personal style more original and unique, you're helping save the environment that much more by taking the time to thrift. Plus, you save a huge load of money. What's better than super cool clothes and accessories, more money in your pocket, and contributing to positive environmental impact? 

Share your personal thrifted style with us! Your whole outfit doesn't have to be thrifted but if you want to show off a look, a special item, decor piece, or anything else, post it to instagram with the hashtag, #MyRecycledFashion and tag us in your picture! You can also post it on our facebook wall! 





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