The Life-Changing Practice of Good-Morning, Good Afternoon and Good-Night.

The Life-Changing Practice of Good-Morning, Good Afternoon and Good-Night.


Dear fierce ones,

I start work at 6 am.

Most days...I arrive a few minutes late.

It is EARLY.

My first patient of the day is "Charlie".

I introduce myself as per usual, "Hi I am Stacie, your nurse…are you Charlie?" (that is not his real name)

"Charlie" (once we got past the initial introduction and treatment plan) was simply charming. As we prepped for his procedure, we talked.

Um...more like he talked while I listened and enjoyed.

I learned that "Charlie" loved to sing and perform and had his own fan club at a certain place down in West Seattle he has been going to on Friday and Saturday nights for the past 32 years.

He LOVED Karaoke.

“I do Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and they love me (he says with true joy)…they love me…I don’t just sing," dramatic pause...“I PERFORM”.

This man smiled and laughed softly throughout the conversation. His chuckle was like velvet and hot chocolate…it simply melted everyone around with its warmth and happiness…soon we were all chatting like the best of friends. I spent only an hour with this sweet soul, but I felt like a had met an old friend, (you know those ones) the instant you meet them it’s like a flame leaping within and in mere moments you feel like old friends. (For over an hour the charm of this man transported me to his world, I practically forgot I was, in fact, working)

I learned he had worked at the same company for 42 years and had just retired. As we were parting, (this man just knew how to love life…you could tell… it echoed in every story and every expression) He told me his life's philosophy.

It was so simple and yet so blew me away.

"You gotta say good morning and good afternoon and good evening…You gotta REACH OUT to people and nobody does it anymore, so I do it. I make it my job…I am like the Walmart Greeter"... he said with his soft velvety chuckle.

Then he said...

“They REALLY miss me saying good morning” 

I started to cry.

I was so touched by this man.

"Remember to REACH OUT and say Good-Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night".

It seems strange and hard to imagine it to be true…but it makes such a difference. This man is deeply missed at his old job because no one says "Good Morning" now.

I broke.

My chest ached. My throat constricted. Despite my professionalism...tears slipped down my cheeks.

Why? Why did this affect me so deeply? Why did I start crying? Why did it strike me as so profound?

I felt the impact of one man reaching out.

In a busy world, filled with lonely people. It was his way to touch the lives of those around him. 

So simple. So easy.  So meaningful.

I thought about it.

It just feels so good to have someone say “Good Morning” to you. A friendly greeting makes you feel less alone. It makes you feel like someone still cares. It just somehow makes you feel better. It is one small thing with the power to change everything.

"Charlie" has a terminal form of cancer. It has already spread throughout his organs and bones. Most likely, he has already performed Uptown Funk for the last time. I never got to see him perform (except through his stories and description), but what impacted me most and the reason why I will never forget this man was his philosophy of life..."You gotta REACH OUT and say...

"Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night"

Thank-you so much dearest "Charlie". 

I will.

Much love,


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