Faith is not a Scientific Debate, it is a Spiritual Practice

Faith is not a Scientific Debate, it is a Spiritual Practice

Dear fierce ones,

These days, incivility is rampant in our society. Lines and boundaries are being crossed like never before. Everyone is quick to judge and offer up his or her opinion as though it were fact.  Name-calling and dehumanizing everyone who doesn’t line up with our ideological gods is an everyday occurrence. I hear it every single day.

People are afraid to say how they really feel, or what they really believe. By admitting that we believe this, or support that...we instantly become vulnerable to criticism, mockery and dehumanizing behavior. Respect for differences has become lost in the need to "fit in" with the group. Dominating our culture is a “walking on eggshells” sort of thing. Nothing of importance can be discussed respectfully anymore. It is either avoided or it is a complete shit-show. Those brave enough to voice their ideas, thoughts and beliefs are often humiliated and crushed by the criticism and mockery of others, or it goes ugly, often ending up in a huge argument with a winner and a loser. this type of scenario, everyone ends up feeling like shit.

You know I talking about.

It happens anytime politics are brought up. Or religion.

It goes BAD quickly.

Recently, I was told that my faith in God and the beauty and awesome wonder of the Creation story equated to nothing more than a belief in “Santa Claus”.

These words were spoken with anger, self-righteous indignation and/or contempt.

First of all…

Santa was real. So YES I believe in Santa. (The coming down the chimney and the sleigh with flying reindeer and elves living at the North pole part…not so much.)

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was born around 280 A.D. in Patara, (near Myra in modern-day Turkey). His Piety and kindness were so admired, he became a legend.

More than Santa…

I believe in a Divine Creator rather than an evolutionary process.

I do...despite all the scientific objections.

Let me just say,

Faith in a Creator (essentially a divine Father) brings me...






The story of Creation (found in the Holy Bible) is the most beautiful and powerful explanation ever given to mankind.



It opens places within my heart that makes me feel as afraid and thrilled by the sheer magnitude and awesomeness of the origins of life itself that I feel as though I am free-falling. The wonder and possibility of it is so incredible, so thrilling, so beautiful and so powerful.

It makes me weak.

I cannot prove it. 

I choose the mystery and thrill that comes with faith. The very definition of faith explains that it is a belief in that which is not yet proven. My faith is a sacred spiritual possession that belongs to me. It is extremely important to me. I value my faith.

No one can reduce it to some foolish fantasy for me.

It brings meaning to my life and I will fight fiercely for it.

It is ESSENTIAL for humans to have our own thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

It is also essential to RESPECT the beliefs of others.  

These days...

I feel my faith and beliefs being crushed and belittled. I feel the thrill and wonder within my heart being silenced by hatred of the sacred. This desire to educate me of the “true” realities of the origin of the universe, has resulted in bad feelings. I was shamed and somewhat humiliated by admitting my belief in a divine Creator. 


My faith is not a scientific debate. It is a spiritual practice.

My faith is part of my most inner being. It is SACRED. It is deeply woven into the fabric of my being. It will not be destroyed by the mockery and disbelief of others. It brings me peace, comfort, and joy. 

I drink deeply from the well of faith, hope, and love...and my soul is satisfied.



Find your fierce

Empower yourself

Take the journey




The Life-Changing Practice of Good-Morning, Good Afternoon and Good-Night.

The Life-Changing Practice of Good-Morning, Good Afternoon and Good-Night.