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Welcome to Herb and Flower Farm.

The idea of Herb and Flower farm came from our love of growing food and flowers combined with our desire to live healthy balanced lives. We made the decision to intentionally plant ourselves on a little acreage and start living our passions and dreams.

This is our farm...

"When I first set foot on the property I knew right away I wanted to get married here" Stacie

"This place is the most wonderful place I have ever lived" Avery

We met in 2015.

On Tinder. 

It was love at first swipe.

We bought a beautiful little farm. Just a little over 4 acres in Maltby, Wa.  Now we are becoming urban farmers. We even bought a tractor.

We love the old farmhouse (originally from 1939) it is full of character, charm and style. We discovered that we work really well together and we have had our hands full with project after project. We have created quaint and charming rooms designed to inspire your inner artist and bless your heart. Everything is designed and created with love.

We have a flower field, vegetable garden, and plans for a hoop-house. We are also renovating the barn into a sweet little venue, perfect for rustic retreats and events.

On July 7, 2017 we had our sweet little backyard wedding. It was intimate, rustic and beautiful. Both previously married, we are now a blended family.  Together we have 7 kids. This website began with my desire to write and share our passion for farming, diy design, healthy-living, wellness, connection, self-sustainability and love for people and our planet. We believe in reusing, repurposing and recycling as much as possible. We practice organic and pesticide-free farming. We love the earth and desire to reduce waste as much as possible.

Our team includes Avery, the primary gardener and handyman extraordinaire. Megan, the photographer and burgeoning writer who is pursuing a major in design with a minor in psychology, and Stacie, the founder of herb and flower who loves writing, designing and creating a space that reflects our passion for farming, self-sustainability, personal growth, health, wellness, and connection. We love to share our passions with others.

Coming in the Summer of 2019…we are offering health and wellness rustic retreats. We believe in renewing your Spirit, Mind and Body through various means.

Yoga. Yoga is practiced at sunrise and sunset in a variety of locations.

Mindfulness. Learn about organic and pesticide-free urban farming. Tour the garden and learn how self-sustainability is the future. Take the time to smell the roses. Practice the art of enjoying the moment.

Nutrition. All completely natural and organic. Our meals are vegetarian and picked fresh from the on-site garden. Eat delicious meals grown and designed to cleanse, detox and energize your body.

Experience life-changing connection through games, laughter, nature and mindfulness. Positive affirmations are expressed aloud and together. Life coaching inspirational talks and sharing are held by the campfire each evening. Make new memories and form new habits that you will treasure forever.

Explore your inner artist. We inspire and support creativity through painting, photography, and floral design classes.

Feel the love. We love people and our primary mission is to love you. Our passion is to inspire you to become healthy and well and to experience true connection. Your optimal health and wellness is our goal. Our intention in creating your customized retreat is that you experience freedom from stress, reset your health, and renew your spirit, mind and body.

Your transformation awaits.

Booking calendar available soon.

Follow our journey @ herbandflowerfarm.com

Stacie and Avery are life coaches with a passion for health, wellness & connection. We are passionate about a life of health, wellness, connection, farming and self-sustainability. We are new to our journey but excited to continually learn, grow better and share our passion for life with you. Stacie is a practicing RN with over 25 years of nursing experience.

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